Long Lost Honduran Town To Be Excavated In the Rainforest

jungleSince the Spanish began exploring the strange jungle of the Southern Americas during the 15th century, stories about lost cities such as El Dorado have captivated the imagination. A team of academics has released plans to start excavating a “lost city” in the Honduras, a city which may end the centuries of such stories.

Located in the dense jungles of the isolated La Mosquitia area, the ruins location makes it a possible candidate as the “White City.” This story became known during the early 1900’s when archaeologists working in the region heard tales about an amazing white building in the deep jungle, where local tribes had hidden during the Spanish invasions.

Historians soon started scouring the records in looking for references to this jungle house, and many believed they had located it in a report concerning the well known conquistador Hernán Cortés (1526). Later in the 1920s a small number of American historians began locating artifacts from La Mosquitia, postulating they may have been owned by the long-lost civilization that once lived in the region.

In 2012 a group of scientists participated in a documentary to attempt to find the town, which started with the carrying out of an aerial survey of a valley in La Mosquitia. When the images were analyzed, evidence of unexplained large plazas, earthen pyramids, and other features were located.

The researchers have since traveled to the site of the ruins for theand explored the site, locating many artifacts.

While the scientists are not suggesting that this discovery is the famous”White City,” they are nevertheless exited by the prospects of exploring this previously unknown civilization in much more detail in the future.