Is Food Bad Once a Fly Has Landed On It?


It only takes one fly to land on your packed lunch to make you concerned about what waste may have been left on your food.So do you throw the food out?

On most occasions seeing a fly land on your food doesn’t mean you must dispose of the food. While flies can carry parasites, bacteria and viruses one touchdown is not going make the average person ill.

Flies that are out of sight and walking about on your food for extended periods – vomiting and pooping on food are more of a worry. The more time goes by, the higher the risk of germs being left behind and the higher the chance of illness becomes.

Having loads of flies can be a worry but the risk is usually higher in country areas, where there is a higher likelihood the flies will be in contact with dead animals and waste.

What can you do?

  1. Ensure your food is covered when flies are about.
  2. Screening windows and doors.
  3. Ensure bins are cleaned regularly and garbage is covered
  4. Insecticidal surface sprays around bin areas
  5. The old school fly-swat works great